Introductory Flights / Instructors

AMA Introductory Pilot Program:

This program is intended to introduce the non-AMA member to aeromodeling while providing liability insurance coverage to the non-AMA member and the chartered club. A non-AMA member may fly at a chartered club site and receive member liability insurance protection as long as he/she is flying under the direct supervision of a club-designated Introductory Pilot Instructor. Supervised instruction must take place at an AMA chartered club’s site and must be closely supervised. The non-AMA member will have the same liability insurance coverage as other AMA members receive, solely while under the direct one-on-one supervision of the Intro Pilot Instructor, for a period of 60 consecutive days starting with the first session.

Southern Arizona Modelers has Intro and Instructor Pilots for airplanes, plus an Instructor Pilot for helicopters and multi-rotors. To set up one-on-one instructions simply give one of us a call. We will provide the airplane, radios and fuel at no cost to you. If you want to fly your own plane, the Intro Pilot will have to thoroughly check it out and fly it first to become familiar with it.


     Jack P. Shafer – 520-404-8725 –  Intro Pilot/Instructor

     Marion Preston – 808-345-7573 – Intro Pilot/Instructor

     Don Fisher – Intro Pilot/Instructor

     Robert M. Smith – Intro Pilot/Instructor

     Bear Brock – 520-628-7501 – Instructor

     Harry Lippold – 520-400-2525 – Instructor

     Mike McGinley – Instructor

     Terry Mitchell – Instructor

     Steve Montenegro – Instructor

     Carlos Rangel – 520-612-3633 – Instructor

     Mark Salyers – Instructor

     Doug Allen – Instructor

     Helicopter and Multi-Rotor:

     David Reynolds – Intro Pilot/Instructor.

If you have any questions or if there is anything that hasn’t been covered let us know.